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Proven Success:
97% of our clients have been accepted into one of their top 3 schools of choice

"Melissa lets both parents and students relax and enjoy what should be an exciting time of growth and discovery. She not only helps students decide which schools would be the perfect fit for them, but she guides them through the often arduous application process. There is no way that my son would have been able to fill out the application in a way that maximized his skill set, background and the various accolades he has received during his high school career without her guidance. I highly recommend Achieva Educational Consulting. Melissa is the best. And one more thing - my son was accepted to his top schools and has not received even one rejection."  

- Stephanie K., parent

Finding the "Right Fit": 
Achieva works hard to ensure the right fit for the student's success. 

"My daugther was overwhelmed by the college process.  Melissa broke it down into manageable parts beginning with understanding who she was as a person and as a student and established reasonable goals so that my daughter could be successful in her college search.  With Melissa's help and guidance, my daugther found colleges that were the right fit for her."  

- Lynn S., parent

Customized Solutions:
Every student has a different path.  Achieva tailors a strategy to meet students' profiles and goals. 

To address the varying needs of our students and their families, Achieva offers individual eucational consulting and group workshops all geared towards aiding our students in achieving their college admissions goals. We provide a specialized approach that offers focus, organization and management of the college admissions process while matcing their college needs and desires to determine their right fit college match.   

Preparing for Success:
There's no substitute for having the right preparation. Achieva makes that job #1. 

Achieva offers personalized educational consulting that addresses the student's needs, desires and goals throughout his/her academic career; an organized and supportive whole family approach that addresses the student’s wishes while balancing his/her parents’ concerns; and targeted individualized educational consulting services and group workshops that meet our families' needs and budgets.

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