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Why Achieva?

To address the varying needs of students and their families, Achieva offers individual educational consulting and group workshops geared towards assisting students achieve their college admissions goals.  We provide a specialized approach that offers students direction, organization and management skills that assists them with their college admissions preparations and process while matching their college needs and desires to determine their “right fit” college match. 


What is an Educational Consultant?

An Educational Consultant (EC) is a professional consultant who counsels, educates and guides students and their families through educational processes. An EC develops individualized educational plans that assist their students' in achieving their educational goals.  The most important role of an EC is to establish the appropriate foundations so that the student is motivated, organized, strategic and realistic throughout the process.  


Why hire an Educational Consultant?

In an ideal situation, educational consultants (EC) and high school counselors work together to create an integrated comprehensive educational plan for the student.  However, with the increasing demands placed upon high school counselors, students may not receive the time, attention and direction that they desire to address all of their college admissions needs throughout their high school career.  With the total cost of a college degree exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars and college student transfer rates at an all time high, it is a cost effective economic decision to work with an EC who specializes in the college admissions process to ensure that your student discovers his/her "right fit" college that thoroughly addresses his/her college academic, financial and social needs and objectives while providing a student with a more focused, organized and strategic approach to his/her college admissions process. 


When should I hire an Educational Consultant?

ECs specializing in the college admissions process begin working with students as early as 7th grade and as late as a student's senior year.  Depending upon when a student begins working with an EC will determine the primary area(s) of focus.  Focus areas include but are not limited to selecting high school courses that challenge; to identifying volunteer and paid employment opportunities; to building the student resume; to creating their college list; to maximizing standardized test scores; to crafting college admissions applications; discussing financing and the college decision choice. 

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